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Season 1, Episode 2
Air date April 11, 2011
Written by Michael Yank
Directed by Nick Bertonazzi
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Videogamez is the second episode of season 1 of The Problem Solverz.


Mr. Konishi hires the Problem Solverz to beat a video game that is "too fun" and dangerous to play. The Problem Solverz decide to beat it in order to stop the AI virus from spreading.

At their headquarters, they debate over who should play it. Alfe declines because Tomb of Nefertiti is too boring for him. Roba declined saying that he already has too many addictions: to water, oxygen, and social interactions. Horace it the last one left, so he plays the video game.

Horace trys to beat it and begins to get sucked into the game. A week later, Roba and Alfe notice it, so they connect themselves to the game to help Horace. They go through the remaining levels. At the final level, the AI mocks them and almost beats the Problem Solverz. As they almost lose, Alfe complains that he is bored, which happens to be AI's weakness. The Problem Solverz act uninterested towards the Tomb of Nefertiti and end up defeating the game..


Number 00101001: The Video Game that Sucks the Problem Solverz in.



  • This whole episode could be a reference to how much kids play video games without stopping so the game becomes addicting to them
    • Alfe and Roba are confused that there is more than 1 level, but since they have a video game console, they should know that most video games have more than 1 level.
  • Rude Racer is a parody of Rad Racer.
  • The attacks of the AI can be seen at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Cartoon Network watermark goes away once the three characters finally arrive at the final level (to make room to display attacks on the bottom).


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