Problem Solverz Wiki

"Horace, we have a problem!" Roba yelled while eating a pice of pizza from the fridge. Alfe came up to him, ripped the pizza out of his hands and ate it in one bite. Roba sighed and didn't even try to argue with Alfe. "Don't worry, Roba! You can always "feed" me more of your pizza whenever you want!" Alfe said while his arm was rapped around Roba. "What's the problem?" Horace asked Roba, just now walking into the room. "A girl fell down the city well!" "Come on! We have to save her!" Horace paused and saw Alfe still in the same position "Come on, Alfe!" Alfe hesitated, then got in the car after a few minutes. When they got to the city well, Horace used rope to help the girl up. Alfe was spellbound by what he saw. She looked similar to Alfe. She had lighter brown fur than him, green eyes, and was smaller and a lot less muscular and sturdy-looking. While running up to her and giving her a tight hug, Alfe yelled "OMY FU**ING GOD! YOU'RE HOT!" The girl was annoyed by this and tried to push Alfe away, but it was no use. Alfe just hugged her tighter, and tighter until at one point she couldn't move AT ALL. "Will you please let go of me?" She said in an annoyed voice. Alfe didn't hug her nearly as tight as before, but was still hugging her. "What's your name?" Horace asked, giving Alfe a dirty look. "My name is Kate." "Do you live here?" "I actually don't live anywhere..... could I stay with you guys? "Of course!" "Yay!" Alfe yelled while hugging Horace and Kate.