Tux Dog
Vital statistics
Title Tux Dog
Gender Male
Race Dog
Status Alive and Well
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Tux Dog is a highly intellectual character who the Problem Solverz go to for advice. Although usually unwilling to directly help the cause, he pretty much offers the whole solution. He lives on the fourteenth floor of an apartment building in Farboro. As can be expected, he wears a tuxedo and enjoys many hobbies. He is very wealthy. He is known to play tennis as shown in Videogamez. He also wears a top hat, and is also seen to have a "snazzy" tennis sweatband in Videogamez. In K666 and Da Little Explorerz, he left them a dog named K666 to help them. A strange thing about him is that he has a cat that is shown in The Mayan Ice Cream Caper. His long time enemy is Bad Cat, who he got help from the Problem Solverz.

He is known to be the most powerful being in the universe, some refer to him as the all mighty Jesus.


Tux Dog wears a black hat, a tuxedo to match his hat, red tie, white shirt, and is always shown barefooted.



Tux Dog doesn't really have a relationship with Alfe. Their relationship is neutral. They're both not enemies, but at the same time they're not best friends.


Tux Dog doesn't really have a relationship with Roba. In Badcat, Roba said he was mean.


Tux Dog doesn't really have a relationship with Horace. He once was found in a bush by Horace in Hide and Seek Ninjaz.