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Time Twister
Season 1, Episode 1
Alfe as a teenager.jpg
Air date April 4, 2011
Written by Eric Kaplan
Directed by Ben Jones
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Time Twister is the first episode of Season 1 of The Problem Solverz.



#1364: The Rollercoaster That Screws Up Time.


After hearing about kindergartners turning old after going on the Time Twister ride, the Problem Solverz make them young again, and close the ride. After that Alfe uses the ride for his own uses. Alfe wants it to be "Pizza Time" again, after Horace says "Pizza Time was yesterday". Alfe thinks about going back in time to get more pizza. He rides the ride, and gets 1 slice of pizza, however he looks younger. He keeps on doing this making prehistoric animals come to life and nearly destroys their city. They go to Tux Dog for some help, he says reverse the process and kill the monster that lurks inside it. While riding the ride, Alfe gets older, but Roba put stuff on him and Horace to keep them from being affected. Alfe gets lots of clones and defeats it. Making the ride be destroyed, so no one can use it again.


  • When Alfe goes back in time to get pizza, you can hear Roba and Horace talking. However, when you hear Horace say "Message Dog?", Roba says no, but the Message Dog is nowhere to be found.
  • When the mayor gives the Problem Solverz the bill it dates August 1994.
  • Horace and Roba sound slightly different in this episode.
  • Horace is more easily unnerved in this episode.
  • For Blue's Clues fans, Alfe has a thinking where he uses Pizza, time, and yesterday has his clues.


When Alfe went back in time for pizza the 2nd time, that his past self didn't have a mouth when eating the pizza.