Vital statistics
Title Roba
Gender Male
Race Human (dresses like a robot)
Status Alive
Lives In Problem Solverz Headquarters

Roba is a member of The Problem Solverz. He is the smartest member of the trio. He is Horace's twin which was revealed in Neon Knome.



Roba's appearance.

Roba is a young man who is a member of The Problem Solverz with his brother Horace. He is also horribly allergic to beans, which gives him gas. He is dressed as a robot with a blue helmet on his face and blue and green clothes that appears to look like armor with dark gray shoes. He has sideways eyes which are blue. 


He is incredibly insecure and neurotic, which makes him freak about everything.



Horace is Roba's twin brother. Horace is shown to treat Alfe like a friend and pet sometimes due to having to brush his fur and feeding him. Alfe seems to do most of what Horace says than him.


Alfe and Roba don't get along most of the time. He would tease him about lots of stuff. But inside Alfe cares for him in a way. They get into fights time to time during solving a problem or not, which makes Roba's life really bad. In one episode he was teased about beans.

Tux DogEdit

Tux Dog and Roba don't get along at all. In Badcat, Roba said Tux Dog was mean.


  • He talks and dresses like a robot, but is actually human.
  • He is a former hide and seek ninja.
  • According to the episode, "Problem Solverz Academy", high school was "the worst time of his life". This also suggests he and Horace are older than they look.
  • Roba dresses like a Robot because he feels out of place with the world around him.
  • He has never had a girlfriend before.
  • In the Cartoon Toonsdays' Problem Solverz review on sonicguy25's YouTube channel, Roba's first name was mispronounced as "Rabo".
  • He is addicted to water, oxygen, and social interactions.
  • He looks similar to Rock from Mega Man.


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