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Puffy Puppiez
Season 2, Episode 3
Puffy Puppies Roba
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The episode starts off with Alfe, Roba, and Horace walking down a sidewalk, until they notice that the owner of the Puffy Puppies adoption center has to pay money to the new bank or else it will get closed down. The Problem Solverz decide to help her. They temporarily allowed the Puffy Puppies to stay at their headquarters, but they proved to be too much work to take care of.

Horace decided to walk to the bank to negotiate, but realized that the owner was Badcat. Badcat told Horace of his plans to turn the Puffy Puppies adoption center into a dog jail. Badcat then declined and sent Horace flying. Then, Alfe called Horace that there was a BMX race and decided to enter because of its money prize.

In preparation, Alfe practiced his BMX skills. Meanwhile, Roba was rebellious to sending away the puppies, but realized that they needed a better place to stay. It was then that he realized that he needed to help Alfe win the race.

Alfe was about to be in the race, until he made the mistake of putting his bike behind Badcat's limo, which crushed it. In response, Roba came and gave him a new bike to race with. Alfe went to the race, only to see that his opponents were Badcat Helpers. He passed all of them and won the money prize to pay off the dept.

Lastly, everyone (or at least the protagonists of the episode) danced in the Puffy Puppy adoption center. Roba stamped of the puppies, only to hurt it. Everyone stared at Roba in anger. He tried to make up for it by kissing the puppy. The puppy was fine and everyone continued dancing.

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