The Magic Clock is the 10th episode in the first season of The Problem Solvers. It aired on June 6, 2011. It was written by Michael Yank, Steve DiMaggio, Christian Michaels, and Ben Jones.

Case Edit

Case #2840: The Case of the Stolen Clock.


The episode begins with Alfe, Roba, and Horace walking over to the clock museum because they texted them about a problem they had. Before entering the museum, the guys meet superfan Katrina Rad who is in charge of the Problem Solverz fanclub, who claims she is totally into them (especially Roba.) Roba thinks that is weird because Alfe is usually the fan favorite. Katrina hears they are on a case and is allowed to follow them around so she can do a blog on them. 

The museum's owner says they have to find the clock because it was stolen and protect and bring it safely back to the museum. Katrina finds a logo that belongs to Z.J. Lazerdawg. Z.J. uses the clock to cheat and win the skating competition. They catch the theif after he says he won't give it back, but a woman dressed in a cupcake mascot costume steals the clock to break the laws of time and make tons of cupcakes to become rich! Alfe starts to eat the cupcakes the woman starts to make, and Katrina gives Alfe milk (that she keeps in her homemade Roba thermos!) 

They catch the cupcake lady and solve the problem...but the problem is not solved!!! Katrina takes the clock, holds Roba, and presses a button on the back of the clock and everyone (except Roba and herself) are frozen! They go shopping for food for a picnic. While speaking for a frozen Tux Dog, Roba comes up with a plan to fake marry Katrina, but due to fooling Katrina to unfreeze Horace and Alfe, Alfe would use a bat to smash the clock. 

When it is time to kiss the bride, Katrina finds out that Alfe is going to smash the clock when she is going to let down her guard. She threatens to press another button on the clock so it will rip apart the fabric of the universe! Due to this, Roba raps a love song. After Katrina bursts with joy, Alfe smashes the clock, Katrina is arrested, and the problem is finally solved.

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