K-999 and Da Little Explorerz is the third episode of Problem Solverz season 1.

Characters Edit

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Case Edit

#643-62 The Problem of the Little Girl Explorerz who are Bad

Plot Edit

The Problem Solverz help Nina after they found her in a trash can and she told them how Laura denied her the semaphore badge. They try to get help from Tux Dog but find that he isn't at the headquarters, but he left K-999 in a box to help them. Alfe ends up getting the final badge and gives it to Nina, in which the Little Girl Explorerz building is turned into a UFO. After the Mothership Alpha realizes Nina isn't the prime commander, Alfe ends up as the 'empress of Earth'. He shoots the liquefying ray that was meant for the Earth at the ship instead, and saves Horace and Roba. [even though he was liquefied in the process]


  • This episode marks the first appearance of K-999.
  • The giant roller blade from the pilot episode had a cameo .

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