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Prob horace 174x52.png
Roba's brother
Vital statistics
Title Horace
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Lives In Problem Solverz Headquarters

Horace and Alfe from Alfe(pilot)

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Horace is a member of the Problem Solverz. It is said that he found Alfe in the forest. He is Roba's twin brother. It seems that Horace is the only one who favors Alfe.


Horace's age is between 15 and 22 years old. He usually wears a red sweater with a belt, gray shoes with yellow socks and jeans. He has brown hair which is styled in a very small mohawk and dark brown colored eyes.


  • Roba and Horace do not look identical at all despite them being twins.
  • In Alfe, he was bald.
  • He is the most level headed of the trio.
  • He's the genius of the trio.


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