Funny Facez
Season 1, Episode 5
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Funny Facez is the fifth episode of the Problem Solverz. This episode is about a comedian named Tony, who is having trouble with leaked photos.



  1. 3132: The Case of the Stolen Funny Photographs.


The Problem Solvers go and see a comedian who makes funny faces named Tony. Alfe doesn't find him funny. Tony tells the PS that some photos of upcoming faces were leaked and they need to find who done it. Alfe thinks they've solved it, but later revealed that he was " Taco crazy, " then reveals the true answer. Horace and Roba don't know yet until as Alfe use the taco as a range finder, it means Fungsten could not taken the leaked photos. The Taco truck sign blocked the view, as Tony's real enemy still at large and the problem's dissolved. As they went to the back to tell Buddy that " Fungsten was set up. The real villian's still loose! And he's probably up to no good "! Laughing, " I thought you boys were dumb! But it looks you figure out my plan ", he said. " Buddy: It was I who leaked and planted those photos on Fungsten! Horace : "Why?" Buddy: "Because, Tony wanted to postpone the show tonight. I leaked the photos to rush into it". Roba: "Did you do that cause you love him and you think he's a genius?" Buddy reveals: " I did it because he's the biggest jerk! You see. HE was the one let loose the fright dogs when I was a kid. HE'S the reason I look like this! "


  • In this episode, many characters make cameos, some of which have not even appeared yet. Those characters are: Danny and his mom, Dork Face, Professor SugarFish, Howard Konishi, etc.

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