Fauxboro is the 9th episode of Season 1 of The Problem Solverz.


Alfe wakes up Roba and tells him that something is wrong with his drums. He goes outside and Alfe says his sleeping hole is different too. Horace wakes up and tells the group that they have a meeting with the mayor. Before they go to the mayor, they stop to get pizza pancakes. Then Alfe notes that the pizza pancakes taste funny. Horace thinks that Alfe is acting weird so he takes him to the vet. They go to the vet and he is not wearing pants. Roba remarks that he doesn't like to be next to people that do not wear pants. The Problem Solverz leave. They go to see the mayor and he tells the Problem Solverz that they are fired. Alfe spills soda on him and he turns out to be a robot. They run outside and an angry mob of robots start chasing them. Alfe buys lots of soda to defeat the robots. Alfe builds a soda canon and sprays the robots. They try to get to Tux Dog's apartment but they find out that half of the city is gone by running into the desert. A giant robot emerges from the sand. Alfe shoots him with soda but it doesn't work. Horace finds out that Alfe is using diet soda because "he is saving the good stuff for himself". They shoot the robot with regular soda and defeat it. Then Tux Dog comes to save them. They start to run but Alfe says something is wrong. Suddenly another Tux Dog comes in another helicopter. Alfe decides which one is the real one by spraying it with soda. The real Tux Dog explains that the whole thing was a test and promotes the Problem Solverz to level 9 Problem Solverz. They get a pet Tux Puppy too.