Awesome Banditz
Season 1, Episode 4
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Awesome Banditz is the fourth episode of The Problem Solverz.



#76654: The Case of the Elevator Banditz that Alfe thinks are cool.


After a store was robbed of blankets by elevator banditz, Alfe goes undercover as one of them and does elevator races. Roba got taken by the elevator banditz. To get to the top before the lead bandit, Alfe feeds Roba beans, which makes him fart so much that the elevator they were in speeds up, allowing them to win.
HNI 0098 JPG

Alfe undercover


  • It was discovered that Roba has gas issues if he eats Beans.
  • The monster that Horace was observing has a striking resemblance to Ymir from Tux Dog's Island.
  • One of the bandits (the one in the mask) resembles a TV Ad guy from the Regular Show episode "Rage Against The TV".
  • This episode is similar to an episode of The Goode Family where Gerald buy a highway that prisoners clean up for there community service.

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