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Gone Cabin Carzy
Season 0, Episode 1
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Neon Knome

Alfe (or Gone Cabin Carzy) was a pilot that is only shown on the Paper Rad DVD "Trash Talking". It is about when Horace is convinced there is radiation outside since they didn't go outside for 5 days.


Alfe and Horace are watching TV.

They also argued about the weather. the episode is about 22 minutes long, and its also the real actual pilot episode.


The Problem Solverz - Pilot Episode

The Problem Solverz - Pilot Episode

Clip from the pilot.


  • Alfe, Horace, and Roba all had different voice actors.
  • Horace's rear is shown, but may possibly be just his legs, being the only episode of The Problem Solverz to show nudity, if you don't count Alfe's rear being shown in the Adult Swim pilot "Neon Knome".
  • This isn't an actual pilot because it was said on the Paper Rad information website to be for a fake TV show called "Alfe"
  • This is also the only episode of Problem Solverz to drop the f-bomb twice, and the "s" word one.
  • The animation done for this pilot looked like it was animated by Renegade Animation, instead of Boulder Media Limited, or Mirari Films.
  • This was released on the DVD Paper Rad Trash Talking on Load Records in 2006
  • This is the only unofficial episode of The Problem Solverz
  • Due to the inappropriate content in the video, there is no chance this will air on television, unless Adult Swim acquires the episode and puts it on their website like they did with the Dexter's Laboratory episode Rude Removal.