AI is the villain from episode 2 "Videogamez". This AI is from the video game "Tomb of Nefertiti." The People of "Farmboro are isolated the game's code deep in their company's computer. But shortly after it escaped!! The AI was plotting to spread its self by overriding computers until everyone is playing it was addicted. Horace needed to play the videogame to kill the AI. Alfe couldn't because the controller was not designed for him, nor his massive thumbs Alfe. Roba can't because he is already addicted to water, oxygen, social interaction, etc. The AI hides in the Final Level "Space Egypt." The only way to beat him, is to not be entertained. AI says "My Prime Directive is to entertain." If You ever play "Tomb of Nefertiti, Don't let it "Suck You In". He Attacks With his Goatee, and Nose Ring. You Encounter this Pharoah-Like Enemy Whan you Enter the Sphinx.He was destroyed by FALLING ROCKS!!!!